Gmail Will Fix Your Shoddy Grammar For You Using Artificial Intelligence

Google will soon improve Gmail's grammar correction with the help of artificial intelligence, the company announced Tuesday.
Instead of having to click on Gmail's dots menu in the lower right corner and choosing "check to spell" while you write an email, Gmail will start doing it automatically, detecting spelling errors and grammar issues, and even autocorrecting some common spelling mistakes.
Autocorrect is only available in English — for now.
The engine powering the feature is the same one Google is using in Docs, where it was introduced in July 2018. You can find out more about how it works here.

Gmail will fix your shoddy grammar for you using AI
Image: Google
Grammar checks and autocorrect will be switched on by default, but users will be able to disable it in Gmail's settings.
The feature is coming to G Suite, meaning it will initially only be available to enterprise Gmail users. There's no word on when it may be expanded to cover all Gmail users.
Google will be rolling out this new feature to G Suite users gradually over the next weeks. It will be available to all G Suite editions.

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