Intel Displays Its First Pair Of AI Chips

Recently, Intel unveiled two new CPUs that will utilize artificial intelligence which will be the first time the company will use AI-based chips.

According to Tech Radar, the two chips are part of the Nervana Neural Network Processor (NPP) line built for large computing centers where one of them will handle interference while the other will be in charge of training AI.

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 The first processor is called Nervana NNP-T, also called Spring Crest which has been designed to train AI systems. It has been equipped with 24 Tensor processing clusters which will be especially used for powering neural networks. The second processor is called the Nervana NNP-I, also called Spring Hill which will be the interference SoC. It has been equipped with 10-nanometer process technology along with Ice Lake cores to help users deploy trained AI systems.

The chips are designed to handle the extensive workloads experienced in data centers without investing too much energy so the users won't just have to depend on their Xeon CPUs to manage AI and machine learning tasks. The chips will have to compete with Google's Tensor Processing Unit, Nvidia's NVDLA-based tech, and Amazon's AWS Inferential chips. The chips are already being used by Facebook for processing of massive workloads and complex computations of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The chips are of no use to individual consumers but the technology used in the chips might soon be seen in Intel chips targeted towards individual users.

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