Amazon Echo (2019)

Amazon’s Echo smart speaker was the origin cave for the company’s near-ubiquitous Alexa virtual assistant when it was first announced to the world back in the fall of 2014. Since then, Alexa has spread out to countless devices, including many other models of Echo speakers within Amazon’s own product lineup.

That makes the new $99.99 third-generation Echo speaker a curious beast. It is not the best-sounding Alexa speaker from Amazon (that would be the forthcoming Echo Studio), nor is it the least expensive Echo speaker (that’s the Echo Dot). It isn’t the most capable Echo speaker, either (both the Echo Plus and Echo Dot with clock technically do more).

It is, however, a relatively inexpensive smart speaker that sounds better than the small, hockey-puck-like Echo Dot or Google’s Nest Home Mini, but doesn’t take up as much space (or as much of your budget) as the Echo Studio. For an everyday smart speaker that you might use to listen to music, get weather reports, manage smart home devices, and add things to a shopping list, the latest Echo is more than capable.

Buy for $99.99 from Amazon

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