Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Support NFC Outside China

Only a couple of months after the launch of the Mi Band 4, the Mi Band 5 is reportedly already in the works. The band is being developed in collaboration with Huami that is the exclusive manufacturer for Mi Bands. According to a report, a key feature that didn’t make it to global markets with the previous Mi Bands will finally make it to the global version of the Mi Band 5.

Even though the Mi Band 3 and the Mi Band 4 had NFC variants, they never made it out of China. The NFC chip on the Mi Band 4 enabled wireless payments via NFC and even the storage of bus passes and identity cards. Since the Alipay contactless payment is only supported in China, the NFC variants never made it out of India. But a new report claims that this will change with the Mi Band 5. The Mi Band 5 will reportedly have NFC support both in China and outside of it.

If true, this will be one of the cheapest fitness trackers to come with the ability to make NFC payments. Since it’s so early in the development stage, there’s not a lot that we know about the Mi Band 5 will support NFC payments outside China and if it’ll have support for third-party apps like Google Pay that support NFC payments via smart wearables. The launch of the Mi Band 5 is still quite far away. Considering that the previous two Mi Bands were launched in and around May, we expect a similar timeline for the launch of the Mi Band 5.

On the shoulders of the Mi Band series, Xiaomi is now the world’s largest wrist-worn wearable company. The recently launched Mi Band 4 was also met with huge success owing to the fact that it offered immense value-for-money.

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