Android Phone Users Can Now Take Calls On Their Windows 10 PC

Having to go back and forth between your Windows PC and Android smartphone can be annoying and Microsoft has a solution! The Redmond-based giant has launched a new Your Phone app for Windows 10, so you don’t need to keep the phone around when you have to carry on a conversation, view photos, and notifications.

The feature was previously available to select Android handsets, mostly Samsung Galaxy devices. However, the Calls feature in the 'Your Phone' app is now compatible with all Android phones.

Folks over at ZDNet were first to spot Microsoft's revelation in a tweet and while Microsoft did initially claim that the 'Your Phone' app is compatible with all Android phones, the company clarified that while this is an announcement of general availability, the feature is still being deployed via a ‘gradual roll out’.

It's also worth noting that this is just the calling feature. Text messaging and the Phone Screen feature (which allows users to control their phone in Windows 10) are still limited to a select few handsets. Microsoft has yet to announce when these features will be broadly available but they should be on their way too.

While the 'Your Phone' app does support iPhone too, Microsoft appears to be focusing its efforts on Android.

General availability is going to be more important for all Android users with Windows 10 PCs, but it also comes as Microsoft gears up to launch its new Android phone, the Surface Duo.

There are still plenty of bugs that Microsoft needs to polish (something you'll notice if you read users reviews on the Play Store) before it lets everyone use the Your Phone app on their Windows PC, but looking at the current pace of things, updates shouldn't be few and far between.

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