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Apple Glasses May Include Some Of These Interesting Features

As noted by Apple Insider, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published two patent applications from Apple, Inc. relating to a potential headset. They're part of a larger series of Apple patents the office published on Thursday. It's worth remembering, though, that these patents were filed months ago and were simply published publicly by the patent office.

That said, there's a lot of great info here that points to ideas Apple is likely exploring right now.

One patent is labeled "Electronic Devices having Electrically Adjustable Optical Layers" and applies to "a handheld device housing, a head-mounted housing, or other housing for the electronic device."

The patent is technically dense but has to do with revealing or hiding "optical components" that require certain amounts of light to operate. The patent lays out the workings of adjustable transparency for an optical layer that would, in turn, hide or reveal those certain optical components "while the optical components are being used to receive light or to output light." In other words, allow light in when those components need light and then block it when they don't.

The other patent, "Display System Having An Audio Output Device," refers to "a head-mounted display unit and a detachable speaker unit," which is far easier to understand, basically addressing the headphone component of a headset.

It could mean anything from having detachable headphones, allowing a user to use their own headphones (AirPods?), or adjustable headphones to fit different head sizes and shapes. There's also a feature that would include "a visual indicator" in the headset as to the "spatial proximity" of the detachable speaker.

Again, these are just very preliminary glimpses at features that may or may not wind up in the headset. And that headset itself may or may not ever see the light of day (RIP, AirPower). But it's still a way to look at all the things the most popular consumer tech company on the planet might bring together in a hotly anticipated product.

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