Otterbox made a 'bacteria-killing' screen protector for your phone

Face it, your phone screen is filthy. Think about all those times you texted from the toilet or scrolled through Instagram while riding the subway -- those streaks on your screen aren't just schmutz, they're breeding grounds for bacteria. But that's where Otterbox's Amplify Glass Anti-Microbial comes in.

Otterbox teamed with Corning to develop the EPA-registered antimicrobial technology. "Amplify Glass now features proprietary anti-microbial technology that suppresses the growth of several common stains and odor-causing bacteria to protect the surface of the screen protector," OtterBox CEO Jim Parke explained in a release.

Not only that, the screens offer reportedly up to five-times greater scratch resistance than standard soda-lime glass. The screen protectors will be compatible with Otterbox's selection of cases as well as latest-gen iPhones when they hit the market in the near future.

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