When Twitter met Facebook

There are big differences in Facebook and Twitter pages, when we browsing Facebook meantime we want to go one of our friend's profiles then click the friend's profile and get back to our news feed page it will directly go to a Home page which is the beginning page. so we lose our previous post which was we watching, then we must browse from the beginning. But Twitter is different if you browsing the Home page and going to another profile and back to the news feed page it will appear the same post which we leave. This is the best quality of the Twitter page.

Facebook must follow Twitter's browsing policy that helps users to browse conveniently. Some times twitter allows the downloads of their videos and images, but Facebook not. This may the prime reason that "Tweet" is more popular than Facebook posts. We all found the important statements from the world leaders are tweeting from their pages. So, the world is listening to Twitter, not Facebook.

Most of the people using Facebook page for their personality development and some of them use for their business opportunities, but Twitter is working for society and ads are secondary things. Facebook gives more important to ads when somebody uploads a one-minute video they put ten seconds ad in between, so the users irritating while browsing.

Twitter is not asking more of our personal details, just a username, password and email that's all your twitter account will be created. But Facebook needs more details to create an account that may affect our personal data. We all using both of these social media but Facebook must change their options for users to smooth browsing their platform.

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