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Redmi Note 8 Price Increased in India

Xiaomi is the latest smartphone maker to have been hit by the coronavirus outbreak's impact on the supply chain in China. The company has announced that it has hiked the Redmi Note 8 price in India by Rs. 500. Xiaomi says that the price bump is temporary. Redmi Note 8 is likely to return to its original asking price once the cost of component stabilizes. Also, the Redmi Note 8 is currently out of stock on Amazon, but the company has assured that it will be back soon.

Notably, the price hike is only applicable to the Redmi Note 8 4GB + 64GB model. Earlier, the phone used to sell at Rs. 9,999. Following the price hike, it is now available at Rs. 10,499.

“The extended shutdown in China is likely to have an impact on our Supply chain and, there is a risk of impact on the overall quantum of component supplies. While we are working to explore alternative supply channels for components and raw materials, the immediate impact is that the short supply might cause some negative pressure on the prices of these components. This has led to an increase in the price of the product temporarily,” a Xiaomi spokesperson told G4Gadget, explaining the reasoning behind the price hike.

The price increment is visible on Mi.com and Amazon. However, Redmi Note 8 is listed as ‘out of stock' on Amazon at the time of writing this article. Xiaomi has told G4Gadget that the phone will be back in stock soon. As for Amazon, the product page says that the Redmi Note 8 4GB + 6GB variant will be back in stock on February 18 for buyers.

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