LG teases curved edges and 'Raindrop' camera for its next phone

With Mobile World Congress canceled, the calendar for new phone introductions is up in the air, but LG is already moving towards a new device, and tonight teased the “design language” for another phone. Presumably, this device will represent the next entry in its G series, after LG already updated its V line with the dual-screen ready V60 Thinq a couple of months ago.

Whether it arrives called the G9 or not, this new phone will have at least two distinct design elements. First up is the “3D Arc Design” that curves both the edges of the display like a Galaxy phone, as well as the back of the device in a symmetrical way that LG claims are both more pleasing to the eye and more comfortable in-hand.

The other part is the camera. For once there’s no megapixel stunting here, instead, LG is touting its “Raindrop” camera design with the main camera that pops above the surface, above two lenses and a flash that are flush with the surface. It’s a little different than the usual bulges and humps in modern smartphone camera housings, but it should at least make for something interesting to see.

Is a “minimalistic” approach enough to pull people away from other phones and avoid the rough edges of its predecessor, the G8X? A recent rumor claimed it would launch May 15th with a new brand name, 5G and a step-down Snapdragon 765 processor. It likely won’t be long before we find out if any or all of those details hold up.

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